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June 25, 2011

No Hands SEO **Exclusive Review**

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Often there are programs that claim to be fully automated then you find you need to fill in a dozen form fields, register accounts, posting, fill in captchas and the like. How these tools claim to be automated is beyond me and is more than annoying its downright dishonest. Having lots of experience with “automated” tools in the past has made me somewhat sceptical of claims of tools being “fully automated”. When I first noticed No Hands SEO I saw it made claims such as “Totally automated” and “Endless supply of backlinks” so as always I proceeded with trepidation.

As the sales page for No Hands SEO states it is billed as an easy to use poster of blog comments, trackbacks and whois submissions. It seems every month there is a new commenter coming out these days so what separates this from the rest? Well, ignoring the supposed automation, the biggest difference is the fact it handles trackbacks and whois sites as well.

The first time I started the app I was mildly surprised at how simple the interface appeared to be, the sales page suggest no settings need changing to make use of all features so I decided to take up their challenge and input a website right away to see how easy it really was to use. Entering in my website was as simple as filling in three form fields of Address of page, keywords to search with and my desired anchor text. So far so good.

With my website entered in all that was needed was to hit the start button and wait, so I waited a few seconds, nothing. Waited a few more seconds, nothing. Wondering what the heck was happening, if anything at all, I clicked on the log tab to see if the tool was actually doing anything at all, I wasn’t very optimistic at this point. When I first saw the logs I was very surprised to see the tool was actually working, what I saw was the tool collecting up a load of blogs to comment on and blogs to trackback to.

My initial scepticism was beginning to disappear and I was beginning to see the merit to the tool, shortly after collecting almost 1000 blogs to comment to and 1000 trackback targets it started posting to them, just like that without any interaction whatsoever. NHSEO doesnt need to collect up any whois websites to submit to as it comes prebuilt with just over 2500 already.

So after being a little underwhelmed at the fact it didnt seem to be doing anything and realising that is because I didnt need to do anything I thought I would have a deeper look into the settings and give it some time to get some links for me. In the settings there is everything you would expect to see in this day in your SEO app. There is proxy support, pinging, custom footprints and a couple others. One of the most useful options is the use of importing a URL list that you know auto accepts comments or trackbacks, this means that the poster will become far more efficient over time.

 On the website for No Hands SEO there is a video purporting to show the tool getting over a 1000 backlinks in an hour or so, I decided to test this claim. As it happens it can get this many and more, as it is multi-threaded it will get that many backlinks per site added. One short coming with this is that the links it submits aren’t necessarily going to end up as a backlink. For blog comments and trackbacks I have been noticing a stick rate of about 2-3% meaning for every hour and every site this tool will generate 30 or more backlinks from comments and trackbacks. This probably sounds low but imagine that number 24 hours a day 7 days a week with absolutely no effort, that could be 5k links per week per website on auto pilot.

Now the above is all good and well but not everyone will want their machine on 24/7 so where does that leave them? The whois submissions alone will generate around 1000 backlinks on their own. Also as stated previously NHSEO allows for lists of targets to be added so the longer you use the tool the bigger the list of Auto-Approve targets you will have to use for your other websites meaning you will be getting more like 60-70% successful links.

Im sure all the maths is probably confuzzling to some but I can assure you the longer you leave this tool running the more you backlinks you will get and the more efficient it will become over time. It is important to note that the blogs it has been submitting to, in my tests anyway, were very targeted to my websites niche and can only be considered very relevant to my website so the search engines will love them.

It is hard to fault a tool that does everything for you, I would suggest a higher success rate early on would be nicer but its hard to control the millions of blogs out there so I understand getting more than a few percent is damn near impossible. A few more features would be good also, hopefully some updates will create a more rich feature set.

 In conclusion I can see No Hands SEO selling lots of copies, especially as they are offering $30 off right now with a coupon on their home page. If you want a tool that will do your work for you and just sit in the background not bothering you this is it. The links you will get are not going to be high PR necessarily but there is every chance you will be getting ranked pages to link back to you and there is no effort involved so really what do you have to lose. I would recommend this tool as much as I have any other tool, that is for sure.

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