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September 10, 2008

Social Bookmarking Software

Ok Recently I have been looking into different softwares to?increase?my social bookmark back links. If you ahve been living under a rock for the past few years you may not know that social bookmarks are the single easiest method of gaining hundreds of backlinks over night and carry on increasing backlinks pretty much indefinitely.

What are Social Bookmarks? Well basically they are like bookmarks (or favourites if you use IE) in your web browser only they are held on a website such as There are many different approaches to this system whereby some sites are content to offer bookmarking facilities and others have a more complicated system of ranking such as digg or stumbleupon.

Why use social bookmarks? This one is easy peasy lemon squeezy. Basically if you are reading here you probably are aware that if you want to rank for any keyphrase you will need some links based around that phrase. Social bookmarks will cater for this need, if you choose to have your profile public. Not all links are equivalent and some of these will not benefit your rankings other than to get you listed initially.

What social bookmarking sites are the best? Hard to say really, some will increase trafiic almost instantly (digg and stumbleupon), some will get you indexed very quickly (jumptags) and others will get you raising your search engine ranking before long. What is best really depends on what will get the job done in the best time dependant on what you require from these websites.

How many bookmarking websites are there? Err how long is a pece of string? There are literally thousands upon thousands of them, not all are worth the effort to post to, if you are already listed in the SEs there is little benefit in adding your site to a quick indexing site, also if you have the #1 spot for a term why would you want to increase your ranking(I know it isnt this simple, just making a point).

Is social bookmarking to lots of sites beneficial? YES, a million times yes. At present social bookmarking sites offer literally THE BEST way to gain thousands of whitehat links and stick to your required anchor text as well as have total control over the page content that links back to you. You really can gain premier 1 way contextual backlinks which, lets face it, are the holy grail of every SEO campaign.

Ok so with that out of the way lets get straight to our reviews, this is by no means the be all and end all of social bookmarking software but they are probably the only ones really worth considering as a full bookmarking solution.

  1. Bookmarking Demon?- Windows App for semi-automatically signing up to major SB sites and search out and automatically sign up to scuttle sites
  2. SEnuke?- Windows App for creating accounts and bookmarking, also has a lot of features that are not in the scope of this article but which can be useful to some, more on these later.
  3. Auto Social Submitter – A wordpress plugin which auto posts to previously created accounts
  4. Socialize it Pro – WP plugin for submitting to previously created accounts
  5. SQUIRT?- Web application for submitting to some bookmarking services automatically
  6. Rank4?- Web application submits to major sites, scuttle sites. Wide array of randomisation and uses hundreds of accounts (Not in public beta yet)

Ok now you have the list of some of the more useful tools for building backlinks by social bookmarking I will delve into the details of each software in the next post to come a little later on today. It will have pricing details as well as go into the features of each software solution. Have fun

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