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September 10, 2008

Social Bookmarking Software – windows applications

Ok so with the initial part of this post out of the way lets get to actually looking into these different social bookmarking softwares and see what each one has to offer us in terms of traffic, links, ease of use, reliability and all those other factors that make using these softwares good or bad.

Bookmarking Demon ($97(v3), soon to rise to $147(v4))

I have been using this program by Edwinsoft for just over a year now and have seen it go from strength to strength to meh. Basically it has become somewhat outdated in its uses and the drivers (for social bookmarking sites)?that it supports, now there is a good reason for this in that Edwin has taken some time out of updating drivers to concentrate on creating the new version which from most accounts seems to address a lot of the criticisms placed upon BMD. That is not to say that BMD is a useless tool right now, far far from it.

For the one off $97 fee you will get monthly updates for life and access to future upgrades such as the much touted new version 4. Ok this sounds like a good deal, what sites can it handle? Currently it is really only useful for gaining links back from scuttle sites. Most of the major site drivers have become outdated and as such are pretty useless. Some scuttle sites can give good returns in that they generally are not heavily moderated and have a mix of templates and IPs to gain backlink juice from.

Is bookmarking demon worth $97 baring in mind it really only is a scuttle site submitter? No. Is it worth the $97 considering you will get a free upgrade to v4 when it comes out? Probably.

It really is a shame that BMD isnt in better shape at the minute as I have really enjoyed using this software and would recommend it to anyone on the basis that version 4 turns out half as good as it is meant to be but I cannot be sure that it will as I am not part of the beta test team. I will update here when a newer version has been brought out.

SEnuke?- ($97 per month)

Ok so you’re probably sat here thinking DANG why so much? Well Ill tell you why so much, because SEnuke is possibly the most feature rich windows application for doing keyword research, finding affiliate products to promote and lots of link building functionality. This tool is great for getting links from a variety of places such as youtube, myspace, google videos, stumbleupon and many many more major high PR sites. It is a great piece of software for finding a niche, spinning some articles and them posting them to a bunch of sites to get your articles published and promoted all in a very short amount of time.

However there is a but to this program and a big but at that. It seems very limited for extensive link building. For getting noticed in smaller niches it is great and is a very unique tool in the scope of its uses but for pushing existing sites to hundreds of sites and building thousands of backlinks from unique sources with a range of PRs it will sadly not satisfy. If I were to recommend spending $97 a month on a piece of software like this you would have to be an affiliate marketer that simply publishes articles and hopes to rake in some profit with an ever expanding net of articles and blog posts.

This software is not really aimed at those just wanting to gain hundreds of backlinks quickly it is more about gaining a select bunch (around 20 or so) quality high PR backlinks which are great for ranking when the competition is low, which you can see using this software. It isnt for everyone but is a kick ass tool in its own right.

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