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September 28, 2008

Roboform Honest Review

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Roboform? (download here)?is not the same as the other applications I will be looking at in this round up of directory submitters, what makes roboform different is the fact that it isnt a directory submitter at all and if im completely honest it isnt useful to me as a directory submitter. So why the hell would I be sat here writing about a program that has nothing to do with the topic of choice and is no good to me as an SEO? The short answer is that its functions suit the purpose of directory submissions and lots of people swear by it so it cant be all bad. Lets look a lil deeper.

What exactly is roboform if it isnt a directory submitter? In short it is a web browser extension that remembers form details (that you want it to remember) and can auto fill at the click of a button. This is usefull in directory submissions as it will remember all teh usual form field information, URL, title, description etc and fill it in for you at the click of a button. This obviously has many more uses than simple directory submissions but it fits in just nicely with the needs of a directory submitter.

Roboform is a cheap (read free) browser extension with a small footprint and offers lots of features that will come in handy to any SEO given enough time to find uses for it. It is definitely a great time saver when it comes to remembering passwords or filling in form after form, what it isnt good at though is finding directories to submit to. This is where I fell out with roboform, I found that with the amount of submissions I was wanting to do I couldnt be arsed to find the directories to submit to and then manually navigate to the submission page, I know im lazy but meh im also worried about efficiency.

So basically for the cost (free) you would be daft not to at least give it a try, especially if you already have a good list of good web directories (dont forget that the best ones often arent on semi-automated application lists (digixmas and submiteaze) and these give the most benefit) then Roboform is absolutely what you will be looking for. If you are a professional SEO looking for software to semi-automate 100s to 1000s of submissions in the space of a day you are not looking for roboform.

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