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April 22, 2009

Quick lil game – My Brute

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I was looking around on some forums the other day and stumbled across a website that was in someones sig. I decided to check it out and was surprised at how simple yet awesome this game was.

?Goto My Brute?and challenge me if you dare, lol all you need to do is put in a name (any name with letters and / or numbers) and it will generate a random brute based off this name.

?The crux of it is that you get a random brute with random stats and some random bonuses, these stats and bonuses get added to as you raise up the levels which only adds to the randomness of the fighting. Each fight is surprisingly fun and will have you on the edge of your seats.

It costs nothing and takes no time to get up and running, check it out now 🙂

?My Brute

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March 24, 2009

The Free Blog Commenter updated – V3.0

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This great free blog commenting tool has just been updated to version 3.0.

Free Blog Commenter

New updates to the latest version include:

  • Proxy Support
  • UserAgent changing support
  • Open blog pages in default browser or in application
  • Save and Load settings and results
  • Export results to .txt file for use with comment spammers
  • All new 4 page guide on how to get the absolute most from this tool
  • Lots of bug fixes

This tool is great and will save you boatloads of time in getting unlimited backlinks from dofollow(by default) blogs giving a huge boost in your search engine rankings.

?You can get this free tool and guide at:

February 26, 2009

New Dofollow Blog Commenter ***Exclusive***

I have yet another exclusive application review here, it is a simple dofollow blog comment finder similar to CommentKahuna. The software we are looking at here is called The Free Blog Commenter (will be shorten to TFBC from now) and where it differs from its competitors is its speed and sheer volume of blogs it will find for you.

While Blog Comment Demon can and will find a staggering number of blogs for you to comment in it is a little outdated and will result in google temporarily banning you from their search if you keep searching with the tool, a common fault with SEO software that rely on google to search for websites. TFBC does not have this limitation as it uses other means to derive its results.

Speed wise I don’t really think that it could be a whole lot quicker, it makes full use of threads (which means dual core processors will speed this puppy up well), generating upto 15,000 blog pages to comment on per keyword per plugin. Whats more is that TFBC will search for three types of blog comment plugin on blogs and could mean as many as 45,000 blog pages PER KEYWORD.

If that isnt impressive enough on its own merit (45k pages per keyword) then perhaps the fact that it is completely free. All you need do is goto and enter your email address to be sent the download link.

Just in case you don’t realise how great blog comments can be to your SEO efforts you may want to think about possibly the most important factor in SEO, backlinks. Backlinks are the main ranking factor for most search engines these days and as such you should be getting as many as you can, blog comments are great as they provide keyword relevant contextual links and allow you to set the anchor text.

If you are in desparate need of backlinks then this software really is worth its weight in gold. Go get it now and get to work.

If you have an opinion about this tool leave a comment below, the creator reads here often so it could be a great way to get your ideas implemented into the next version (or even a completely separate tool all together)

Niche Domination with PPC WebSpy?

Recently I was made aware of a firefox browser plugin called PPC Webspy and decided to take a look at it. At first it had a lot of promise, the sales video showed quite an amazing plugin that brought up competitors keywords they are bidding for on adwords as well as where they ranked for those keywords.

Now this is very useful information and on its own is worth its weight in gold for any advertiser looking to compete with a site on certain keywords, now you can bid exactly 1cent over the highest bidder and get loads of clicks without having to pay through the nose for them.

For publishers there is another side to the same tool in that this plugin will allow you to scope out a niche and find out what keywords are pulling in the most clicks and at exactly the price they are paying for those clicks. Having this capability is great as you can now tailor your content to the highest paying keywords which will bring in sub-niche specific search traffic but higher paying ads overall as well so it is a double benefit.

When testing this tool I found it to be on the whole well constructed and didn’t notice any un-expected behaviour when using all of its functionality. I simply cannot understand where this software finds the information, it is really quite unbelievable how it manages to provide all of this data and at a really quick speed.

?All in all this is a very valuable tool for anyone that pays for clicks through the adwords (or similar) network or alternatively makes their money by showing adsense (or similar) network ads on their websites. If you want to double your PPC efficiency you will want to try out this tool.

January 29, 2009

Easy quick dofollow blog finder **Exclusive**

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I said that the Rank4 team were working on some things and that I would write about them sometime soon, well here is just a little free taster of a tool that everyone can get in on. What the tool does is ask for just a keyword and then it goes off and finds a bunch of blog pages based on that keyword that uses the disqus commenting blog plugin. Disqus is a dofollow oft-unmoderated commenting plugin and as such should be a prime target for anyone looking for easily acquired quality dofollow backlinks.

Ok before I go banding the URL for this tool I want to point out that the tool is being run on a public server that is used for many of their personal and business websites so there will be absolutely no spamming, if anyone spams it will be taken down pretty quickly.

Now I have taken my hard-ass hat off I will give you the link to the tool:

Rank4 Disqus Blog Finder

This tool is being published to the public purely to raise some interest in what the Rank4 team are doing, I am told that if it receives some good interest and isnt abused that they will add some more similar tools to help in your SEO campaigns.

If you like this tool leave a comment here and I will pass it on to them, remember a simple thanks doesnt cost a thing.

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