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September 28, 2008

Directory Submission Tool Reviews

In my last roundup I looked closely at some of the markets Social Bookmarking Tools?and how well they stack up against each other and the expectations of them from customers. Well now it is time to talk about another mainstay of the day to day SEO?and that is Directory Submissions.

I know some of the more seasoned SEOs will be thinking that we have jumped in a time capsule and travelled back in time a few years but you may be surprised to hear that directory submissions alone can do absolute wonders for a sites rankings. If I was to tell you that I got a site to the #1 position in Yahoo and MSN and #4 in Google for what I would say a mid to highly competitive keyphrase within a couple of months ( and its sat there for over a year now) based purely on directory submissions would you still think it was worthless?

When I started in my line of work of being a general web designer I was always pissed off that my sites, no matter how beautiful or clever, would never reach the top SERPs. I would tear my hair out wondering what these miserable MFA sites had that mine didnt, easy answer was links. Most average SEOs realise early on that you need links to survive so I set out to find easy ways to gain links and at the time directories were all the rage.

I will not lie and say that directory links still hold the same weight they used?to but if you have a white hat or grey hat site that you want to stick around in the SERPs long time you should really justify a bit of time to submit to directories, there are some great tools out there that will make the arduous task of manual submissions out of the equation, some tools get you submitting upto 10 a minute.

The tools I will be looking at today are:

  • Digixmas
  • Roboform
  • SubmitEaze
  • Fast Directory Submitter

Right away I can tell you there are a couple of real stand out softwares here that need talking about as they are head and shoulders above the others in terms of ease of adding lots of sites, some cost more than others but lets get to the reviews so you guys can make your own minds up.

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