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September 28, 2008

DigiXmas directory submission review

digiXMAS Directory Submitter

Digixmas, I have to state right now, is one of my favourite directory submitters. It is quick, simple to use and has a no frills user interface that just works and gets the job done. In stating this I am not saying I will give it preferance or saying that you should go ahead and get it and use it blindly. It is my favourite for one reason only in that it is easily the quickest submitter I have come to use.

As most professional grade softwares digixmas is capable of rotating titles and descriptions to create a more human-ised directory submission process, SEs just love randomness in anchor text. As you first use the software you need to enter your account details to enable the software and download the 1700+ free (non-reciprocal) directories list. From here you will need to start a new campaign and enter? in some of your basic details like name, username and password, URL, titles and descriptions and some keywords. There is room for as many titles and descriptions as you could possibly think up so go crazy and stick in a big bunch of them.

When you have a new campaign setup you can start submitting right away. There is a free version which allows submission to 100 directories, this takes very little time and is a great way to showcase the good features of the software.

Once the submission process has been started the software?learns what categories you are submitting to and after about 15 or 20 begins to predict, with some accuracy, your desired categories. Good thing about digixmas is the input system, any alphanumeric keypress is logged in the captcha field whereas all arrow keys are mapped to the category select box which makes choosing a category and filling captcha info is very quick and intuitive.

If you have some websites that you wish to add to lots of directories quickly this is a very good tool, sadly it doesnt handle any paid submission directories or any reciprocal directories, but why pay for something that you are getting free elsewhere, and SEs dislike recip links anyway so its no major loss.

Now pricing is a little different here than it is with most products, it uses a sliding scale for number of campaigns (or sites) that you want to submit. A single site is $15 and price goes down to $150 for 20 sites, good about this is you are only paying for the sites you want to submit but the bad is that you are paying for the service for EVERY site you ever want to submit ever. Could get costly in the long run but I think the time saved using this software is beyond the cost of submission.

If you have a lot of sites that you want submitting you could do a lot worse than this, it isnt the cheapest but it is definitely one of the fastest, absolutely the ultimate tool for any SEO company looking to streamline their directory submissions.

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