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January 29, 2009

Easy quick dofollow blog finder **Exclusive**

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I said that the Rank4 team were working on some things and that I would write about them sometime soon, well here is just a little free taster of a tool that everyone can get in on. What the tool does is ask for just a keyword and then it goes off and finds a bunch of blog pages based on that keyword that uses the disqus commenting blog plugin. Disqus is a dofollow oft-unmoderated commenting plugin and as such should be a prime target for anyone looking for easily acquired quality dofollow backlinks.

Ok before I go banding the URL for this tool I want to point out that the tool is being run on a public server that is used for many of their personal and business websites so there will be absolutely no spamming, if anyone spams it will be taken down pretty quickly.

Now I have taken my hard-ass hat off I will give you the link to the tool:

Rank4 Disqus Blog Finder

This tool is being published to the public purely to raise some interest in what the Rank4 team are doing, I am told that if it receives some good interest and isnt abused that they will add some more similar tools to help in your SEO campaigns.

If you like this tool leave a comment here and I will pass it on to them, remember a simple thanks doesnt cost a thing.

January 26, 2009

Clickbank Bonus Dominator

Ok so I know this may be a bit overkill but here is my third post today. I just found this product, Clickbank Bonus Dominator,?and thought that it is a great idea for anyone that makes their money by selling products that are marketed through the Clickbank affiliate network?or another affiliate network that allows upselling (most?networks really). It is a very simple tool that allows anyone selling products online to add an optional ‘upsell’ to the payment process easily and automatically.

If you have ever bought digital products online you have probably seen this sort of thing and maybe even considered buying one of the upsell optionals. These upsell optionals are the value added options that are offered when you are going through the payment process. If you already add in these options manually you will know how easy it is to increase your margins by anywhere upto about 50% without much trouble.

This tool allows you to have the added income of these upsells whilst taking out all of the work meaning you have more time to spend on creating sales pages. There really isnt a massive amount more to say about it, oh wait yeah there is. It is currently being sold for $97, while $97 is not likely to break the bank it is slightly high for such a simple (yet very effective) tool.

If you are currently making a bit of money by selling products online you can probably justify the $97 cost for this but for those starting out with affiliate networks you will be better off finding a good niche and running with that, when you have some regular sales coming in then definitely I would advise this product to increase you’re conversion rate and income from each conversion made.

If you have any hands on experience with this product or just a question about it leave a comment for us to let us know what you think. news

As many of you may already know I have a close connection with the Rank4?team and have been testing their ranking tool and some of their new tools.

History of Rank4
Rank4 was originally meant to be a subscription based indexing and ranking tool based around many tried and tested practices of social bookmarking submission, directory submission, link baiting, search engine baiting and other proprietary techniques. While this aspect of the membership site is still intact it is changing its focus slightly away from simple indexing and ranking tool to a fully blown community site with many tools for generating and scraping content for a vareity of platforms.

Current status
It is currently treading water with the Rank4 tool making sure that all facets of it are working and stay current and expanding on the nature of the system by rotating through hundreds of accounts with hundreds of link baring websites.

The interesting part of the site is the new tools that will be available to members they are now going to be offering a content generation system for forums and blogs based around Yahoo Answers and article sites (such as ezinearticles and many more). They have a downloadable script in the works that is a PHP based server side script that mimmicks the features of PRStorm, the bonus of this is that many servers have very quick connections and it will search for sites to spam based on keywords you input rather than a standard list of overused URLs.

Another tool in its very early stages of development is the auto commenting script based around a common blog plugin that allows a very easy way to generate hundreds to thousands of instantly approved blog comments, again based around keywords that you a targeting rather than a static list of URLs.

While Rank4 has been disappointing with its constant delays and lack of any real press releases (other than the inside scoop by myself) it is showing some real promise, hopefully I can get my hands on the other tools (Yaho Answers content poster for forums is fully working and tested by myself) to test and will get back to you guys to let you know how it is all looking.

Until I have seen the whole package I will reserve total judgement as a lot can happen with the Rank4 tools techniques in a matter of weeks let alone months. If you want to be the first to know when Rank4 opens its doors go there and sign up now, it is free and they wont send any mail that isnt related to opening its doors.

If you want to know anything more about Rank4 leave a comment below and I will make sure that it is answered at some point by them, they do check here fairly regularly.

Quick Update Post

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Ok before I start, I know I know, I am a totally lazy git when it has come to updating this blog. I started this blog up at a time when I really wasnt able to keep it updated and to let everyone know what is going on in the world of SEO software. Basically my first home has become a total work hog and has meant me spending all day everyday for the past 4 months or so rebuilding. That is coming to an end soon and I will be back here making good honest reviews of software.

Not only will I be updating with reviews very soon but I will also be venturing into tips on how to get more backlinks, convert sales more consistently and finding niches as a way to make up for everything. I hope you guys stick around and will leave me some comments on the topics you would be most interested in reading about.

I will be following up this post with a little update on what is going on with the good people over at For those that don’t know I have been an integral team tester for their software and have been seeing the good things that they are creating before their big launch (which has been delayed for a long time now as they have many more value added tools to release).

?Anyway, I’ll be back soon. Leave comments about what you want to know about.

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