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December 1, 2008

Quick website review –

A while ago I was checking around to see what new tools there are out there and came across an interesting new(ish) site that allows you to enter in your website and have it be pinged to a whole host of aggregator sites. I mentioned how powerful using these sites was in my last post but without some jiggery pokery only blogs and forums will post updates to these sites. is both easy to use and very quick for what it does. Pinging WILL bring more traffic and can result in a few backlinks, if lucky, so being able to do this so quickly and easily really is a benefit for those that cannot afford membership services or applications that will do this for you.

As far as being a complete tool there are a ton of applications and services out there that do the?same or better?but most are paid for or more restrictive. If I were to be very picky I would ask that they crawl your site and ping deep pages without the need for submitting deep pages yourself, this can take a lot of time but is worth while. As this is a free non-membership site I think it is a great tool and should be used by all SEOs looking for a bit of traffic but cannot afford a professional tool like SQUIRT, Rank4(still in BETA)?or bookmarking demon.

In my opinion if you arent using pingler (or some other pinging tool) you are missing one big trick in the big picture of SEO. Check it out before they change their mind and make it a members only site.

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