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September 28, 2008

Roboform Honest Review

RoboForm: Learn more...

Roboform? (download here)?is not the same as the other applications I will be looking at in this round up of directory submitters, what makes roboform different is the fact that it isnt a directory submitter at all and if im completely honest it isnt useful to me as a directory submitter. So why the hell would I be sat here writing about a program that has nothing to do with the topic of choice and is no good to me as an SEO? The short answer is that its functions suit the purpose of directory submissions and lots of people swear by it so it cant be all bad. Lets look a lil deeper.

What exactly is roboform if it isnt a directory submitter? In short it is a web browser extension that remembers form details (that you want it to remember) and can auto fill at the click of a button. This is usefull in directory submissions as it will remember all teh usual form field information, URL, title, description etc and fill it in for you at the click of a button. This obviously has many more uses than simple directory submissions but it fits in just nicely with the needs of a directory submitter.

Roboform is a cheap (read free) browser extension with a small footprint and offers lots of features that will come in handy to any SEO given enough time to find uses for it. It is definitely a great time saver when it comes to remembering passwords or filling in form after form, what it isnt good at though is finding directories to submit to. This is where I fell out with roboform, I found that with the amount of submissions I was wanting to do I couldnt be arsed to find the directories to submit to and then manually navigate to the submission page, I know im lazy but meh im also worried about efficiency.

So basically for the cost (free) you would be daft not to at least give it a try, especially if you already have a good list of good web directories (dont forget that the best ones often arent on semi-automated application lists (digixmas and submiteaze) and these give the most benefit) then Roboform is absolutely what you will be looking for. If you are a professional SEO looking for software to semi-automate 100s to 1000s of submissions in the space of a day you are not looking for roboform.

Fast Directory Submitter Review

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I have to admit something before I go much further about Fast Directory Submitter?(Download Here Free), I was unaware of this application before setting out to write this round up of directory submitters. I was under the impression that digixmas was a one of a kind program, the sort that just works as it should and doesnt give you any shit along the way. I have to say when I got the trial of this software I was more than pleasantly surprised, I was simply amazed.

I love digixmas and it would take a mightily good program to pull me away (I have a good working relationship with Tuan who is a dev over at digi) but this software very nearly hooked me. Initial impressions of the interface were very good indeed, it looks good and at the same time is still very functional. It works very similarly to digi in that it has a little section for creating and editing campaigns (your websites to submit) and it also goes through the submission process very similarly.

As a free user you get 150 free submissions to directories ranging from PR0 to PR5 which is very commendable for a free trial (digi only gives 100 PR0-PR1). So this is all great, how does it perform? Well to be honest the setting up of a campaign couldnt be any simpler, it is very intuitive and quick with it, the user interface is the quickest out of all of the stand alone directory submitters. The submission user interface does function very well but leaves a little to be desired, when submitting you will constantly be switching from keyboard to mouse which is annoying, what makes it more annoying is that you cannot rely solely on the keyboard (once you get used to digixmas you will rip through the process). That is not to say that the program will not be usable by most just that to get the absolute best speed of submissions this is sadly not the one.

Ok how many directories are there in the paid version? Fecking loads and loads and loads about 2800 (digi has 1700 free) give or take, this is great apart from there is a mix of reciprocal and free directories in this, I tried to find the number of each but I imagine there will be roughly the same amount of free directories as digi has and the rest will be recip direcories. Recip directories are good in that they generally have a mass of links pointing to them but dont expect to gain a lot from these directories as search engines don’t like reciprocal links.

What about price, how does it stack up against the competition? Well the price per campaign (website to submit) is currently set at ?10 GBP or roughly $19 after conversion, this is obviously more expensive than digi and all the other choices in this round up.

If you are looking for a submitter that is very quick to run (like speedy gonzales on speed) this is your only option, it is really very impressive how they get the speed out of it. I do sometimes wonder if all that speed is good for RSI though, you will be the weak link in the chain while using this software, do expect some wear and tear on your joints and musccles.

As good as it is and as quick as it is I personally would not bother with reciprocal directories and find the price a little too prohibitive when DigiXmas is right there with its super easy to use submission process and lower price, it just suits my needs more than Fast Directory Submitter. However if you are looking to wow customers with a huge list of directories that you submit to and need that slight edge in submission speed you wont find a better product than this one.

SubmitEaze Honest Review

SubmitEaze?is a desktop application that runs similarly to DigiXmas?in that you input a set of criteria such as name, URL, titles and descriptions. It also supports all the randomisation you would expect in titles and descriptions so it has plenty of functionality. SubmitEaze has one very distinct advantage over Digixmas in that it is a pay once use forever style program which costs $65 (costs less than the submission price for 4 websites through digixmas) which is quite considerably cheaper if you are looking to submit more than just a couple of websites through the software.

I bought this program a long time ago and was pleasantly surprised with the functionality that it brought with it, it splits the directories into free, paid and reciprocal (free but you must provide a link to the directory from your website before you can submit your site) and the whole package is very easy to use and geared towards the non to middling technically minded people. It isnt the quickest software out there, taking a lot longer to submit to each directory (about 12x slower than digixmas and 15x slower than fast directory submitter). It really comes down to how many sites you are going to be submitting through the software and what level of speed you need.

If you are starting out and you just want to submit to a bunch of sites without getting to know a system inside out or you dont quite fully understand the hows and whys of better directory submission this is a great tool for holding your hand through the earlier stages of learning to do proper SEO. Also if price is a big deciding factor for you you can do a whole lot worse than SubmitEaze.

If you are a professional SEO with little time on your hands to burn then you may want to overlook this offering as the $15 per website of digixmas will save you lots of time and effort. This is not for the professionals out there though it is a great place to start for those with less than a year or two of SEO and web promotions under their belt.

DigiXmas directory submission review

digiXMAS Directory Submitter

Digixmas, I have to state right now, is one of my favourite directory submitters. It is quick, simple to use and has a no frills user interface that just works and gets the job done. In stating this I am not saying I will give it preferance or saying that you should go ahead and get it and use it blindly. It is my favourite for one reason only in that it is easily the quickest submitter I have come to use.

As most professional grade softwares digixmas is capable of rotating titles and descriptions to create a more human-ised directory submission process, SEs just love randomness in anchor text. As you first use the software you need to enter your account details to enable the software and download the 1700+ free (non-reciprocal) directories list. From here you will need to start a new campaign and enter? in some of your basic details like name, username and password, URL, titles and descriptions and some keywords. There is room for as many titles and descriptions as you could possibly think up so go crazy and stick in a big bunch of them.

When you have a new campaign setup you can start submitting right away. There is a free version which allows submission to 100 directories, this takes very little time and is a great way to showcase the good features of the software.

Once the submission process has been started the software?learns what categories you are submitting to and after about 15 or 20 begins to predict, with some accuracy, your desired categories. Good thing about digixmas is the input system, any alphanumeric keypress is logged in the captcha field whereas all arrow keys are mapped to the category select box which makes choosing a category and filling captcha info is very quick and intuitive.

If you have some websites that you wish to add to lots of directories quickly this is a very good tool, sadly it doesnt handle any paid submission directories or any reciprocal directories, but why pay for something that you are getting free elsewhere, and SEs dislike recip links anyway so its no major loss.

Now pricing is a little different here than it is with most products, it uses a sliding scale for number of campaigns (or sites) that you want to submit. A single site is $15 and price goes down to $150 for 20 sites, good about this is you are only paying for the sites you want to submit but the bad is that you are paying for the service for EVERY site you ever want to submit ever. Could get costly in the long run but I think the time saved using this software is beyond the cost of submission.

If you have a lot of sites that you want submitting you could do a lot worse than this, it isnt the cheapest but it is definitely one of the fastest, absolutely the ultimate tool for any SEO company looking to streamline their directory submissions.

Directory Submission Tool Reviews

In my last roundup I looked closely at some of the markets Social Bookmarking Tools?and how well they stack up against each other and the expectations of them from customers. Well now it is time to talk about another mainstay of the day to day SEO?and that is Directory Submissions.

I know some of the more seasoned SEOs will be thinking that we have jumped in a time capsule and travelled back in time a few years but you may be surprised to hear that directory submissions alone can do absolute wonders for a sites rankings. If I was to tell you that I got a site to the #1 position in Yahoo and MSN and #4 in Google for what I would say a mid to highly competitive keyphrase within a couple of months ( and its sat there for over a year now) based purely on directory submissions would you still think it was worthless?

When I started in my line of work of being a general web designer I was always pissed off that my sites, no matter how beautiful or clever, would never reach the top SERPs. I would tear my hair out wondering what these miserable MFA sites had that mine didnt, easy answer was links. Most average SEOs realise early on that you need links to survive so I set out to find easy ways to gain links and at the time directories were all the rage.

I will not lie and say that directory links still hold the same weight they used?to but if you have a white hat or grey hat site that you want to stick around in the SERPs long time you should really justify a bit of time to submit to directories, there are some great tools out there that will make the arduous task of manual submissions out of the equation, some tools get you submitting upto 10 a minute.

The tools I will be looking at today are:

  • Digixmas
  • Roboform
  • SubmitEaze
  • Fast Directory Submitter

Right away I can tell you there are a couple of real stand out softwares here that need talking about as they are head and shoulders above the others in terms of ease of adding lots of sites, some cost more than others but lets get to the reviews so you guys can make your own minds up.

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