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July 24, 2011

No Hands SEO Updated & Discounted

I noticed today that No Hands SEO has been heavily discounted down to $97. It was a good tool for its original price of $147, with the $30 discount mentioned in my No Hands SEO review, but now it has been reduced to down to an absolute bargain.

Also I have been following the progress on this app and in the past week alone there have been at least 4 updates which have contained many bug fixes and updates to functionality.

No Hands SEO now supports some pretty advanced features for such a simple (to use) tool, including:

  • Block posting to list of domains
  • Do not post to pages that contain words from your own list of bad words
  • Crawl limit to webpage scraping, to limit the number of pages you wish to generate links to in a website profile
  • Prevent crawling of pages on your website that contain certain text in their link address
  • Prevent posting to webpages that have a high number of outbound links (limit set by user)
  • Prevent posting to webpages that have too low PageRank (minimun set by user)
  • Add multiple pages to a single (page) profile

While many of the features above are pretty standard fare for SEO software the last one on the list is most interesting to me. What it allows you to do is enter in a list of webpages that are similar, keyword and anchor text wise, into a single profile. This achieves a three things, firstly it saves time in adding multiple profiles for each page (some people have hundreds of similar pages), secondly it saves CPU resources that 100 active profiles would eat up and lastly it prevents the app from attempting to post links for every profile to every blog.

Without the last feature anyone with lots of similar webpages, like article submission lists, would spend hours entering their profiles only to see CPU use shoot up and see a massive footprint being placed on the web that these pages are linked. Now each article page will get its own unique links and none of the target blogs would have more than one link to any of the pages in the profile.

I like the fact that No Hands SEO seems to be getting updated relatively quickly. The guy behind the app is very hands on with all support requests and seems to be very proactive in engaging the people asking for information on many of the more popular SEO forums out there.

June 25, 2011

No Hands SEO **Exclusive Review**

No Hands SEO Screenshot

Often there are programs that claim to be fully automated then you find you need to fill in a dozen form fields, register accounts, posting, fill in captchas and the like. How these tools claim to be automated is beyond me and is more than annoying its downright dishonest. Having lots of experience with “automated” tools in the past has made me somewhat sceptical of claims of tools being “fully automated”. When I first noticed No Hands SEO I saw it made claims such as “Totally automated” and “Endless supply of backlinks” so as always I proceeded with trepidation.

As the sales page for No Hands SEO states it is billed as an easy to use poster of blog comments, trackbacks and whois submissions. It seems every month there is a new commenter coming out these days so what separates this from the rest? Well, ignoring the supposed automation, the biggest difference is the fact it handles trackbacks and whois sites as well.

The first time I started the app I was mildly surprised at how simple the interface appeared to be, the sales page suggest no settings need changing to make use of all features so I decided to take up their challenge and input a website right away to see how easy it really was to use. Entering in my website was as simple as filling in three form fields of Address of page, keywords to search with and my desired anchor text. So far so good.

With my website entered in all that was needed was to hit the start button and wait, so I waited a few seconds, nothing. Waited a few more seconds, nothing. Wondering what the heck was happening, if anything at all, I clicked on the log tab to see if the tool was actually doing anything at all, I wasn’t very optimistic at this point. When I first saw the logs I was very surprised to see the tool was actually working, what I saw was the tool collecting up a load of blogs to comment on and blogs to trackback to.

My initial scepticism was beginning to disappear and I was beginning to see the merit to the tool, shortly after collecting almost 1000 blogs to comment to and 1000 trackback targets it started posting to them, just like that without any interaction whatsoever. NHSEO doesnt need to collect up any whois websites to submit to as it comes prebuilt with just over 2500 already.

So after being a little underwhelmed at the fact it didnt seem to be doing anything and realising that is because I didnt need to do anything I thought I would have a deeper look into the settings and give it some time to get some links for me. In the settings there is everything you would expect to see in this day in your SEO app. There is proxy support, pinging, custom footprints and a couple others. One of the most useful options is the use of importing a URL list that you know auto accepts comments or trackbacks, this means that the poster will become far more efficient over time.

 On the website for No Hands SEO there is a video purporting to show the tool getting over a 1000 backlinks in an hour or so, I decided to test this claim. As it happens it can get this many and more, as it is multi-threaded it will get that many backlinks per site added. One short coming with this is that the links it submits aren’t necessarily going to end up as a backlink. For blog comments and trackbacks I have been noticing a stick rate of about 2-3% meaning for every hour and every site this tool will generate 30 or more backlinks from comments and trackbacks. This probably sounds low but imagine that number 24 hours a day 7 days a week with absolutely no effort, that could be 5k links per week per website on auto pilot.

Now the above is all good and well but not everyone will want their machine on 24/7 so where does that leave them? The whois submissions alone will generate around 1000 backlinks on their own. Also as stated previously NHSEO allows for lists of targets to be added so the longer you use the tool the bigger the list of Auto-Approve targets you will have to use for your other websites meaning you will be getting more like 60-70% successful links.

Im sure all the maths is probably confuzzling to some but I can assure you the longer you leave this tool running the more you backlinks you will get and the more efficient it will become over time. It is important to note that the blogs it has been submitting to, in my tests anyway, were very targeted to my websites niche and can only be considered very relevant to my website so the search engines will love them.

It is hard to fault a tool that does everything for you, I would suggest a higher success rate early on would be nicer but its hard to control the millions of blogs out there so I understand getting more than a few percent is damn near impossible. A few more features would be good also, hopefully some updates will create a more rich feature set.

 In conclusion I can see No Hands SEO selling lots of copies, especially as they are offering $30 off right now with a coupon on their home page. If you want a tool that will do your work for you and just sit in the background not bothering you this is it. The links you will get are not going to be high PR necessarily but there is every chance you will be getting ranked pages to link back to you and there is no effort involved so really what do you have to lose. I would recommend this tool as much as I have any other tool, that is for sure.

April 19, 2011

Total SEOlution **Exclusive Review**

Its seems almost a life ago last time I reviewed an SEO software but when I found this new tool I decided I would get back into the reviewing game again to bring my visitors an exclusive review of the new SEO tool suite that looks to be a promising start for such an app.

Recently there have been a whole host of SEO tool suite’s that have been unable to really rival the popular SENuke, especially now SENuke has their new version X out, could Total SEOlution be the one to do that now? Well that is not an easy question to answer as SENuke , regardless of what their tool offers has a very active community and a whole hosto of 3rd party support from its users and numerous reviews/guides. However competition is always a good thing so this can only be a good thing. Now to the review.

Total SEOlution Main Menu

On first impressions Total SEOlution is a simple looking application and that is very consistent throughout, however looks can be deceiving and beneth the surface of this relatively bland looking tool is a collection of some of the most easy to use apps with some real power. Total SEOlution is not so much a tool as it is every SEO tool you will ever need, we have the following at our finger tips:

  • Directory Submitter (4400+ directories built in)
  • Social Bookmarker
  • Blog Commenter
  • RSS Submitter
  • Whois Submitter
  • Pinger
  • Link Checker
  • Proxy Harvester / Checker
  • Sitemap Generator
  • Text Rewriter
  • Indexed Pages and Links Checker
  • Report creator

Above is an impressive list of SEO tools and a pretty exhaustive one at that. Right off the bat you can tell Total SEOlution is fixing to position itself as one of the big boys in the SEO world. Providing all of the tools work as expected this could be one helluva useful tool. Sure there are tools for lots of these jobs and some are pretty good, however there is a good reason for having all tools in one application as I will explain later on in the review.

Total SEOlution Setup and Installation

This one is easy to explain, extract the Install file from the members login and open the program file. Upon first load of the tool you are greeted with a login prompt, enter your email address and password and you are good to go. Login only needs to be done once as it saves your details on your hard drive.

Total SEOlution Profiles

Profiles and projects play a big part in this tool suite as whenever you save something to the inbuilt database it can be used elsewhere in the app and in creating reports for your SEO clients. If you create some great dofollow, high PR blog comments you can then ping them and then create some bookmarks for them and then ping the bookmarks to ensure that all of your new links are noticed and get all of the attention they deserve.

You can see from the way everything is so tightly integrated that Total SEOlution is attempting to become a tool for professional White Hat SEOs that either want an all-in-one tool suite or have clients that they need to provide proof of work to, in the form of its inbuilt report creator.

Automated Tools

There are a number of totally automated tools in the Total SEOlution tool suite that relaly couldn’t be any easier to use if they tried, ther are the following tools:

  • Indexed Page and Link harvester
  • Link Checker
  • Whois Submitter
  • Pinger
  • Proxy Harvester
  • Report Creator

The Indexed Page and Link Harvester is a tool to pull a list of all indexed pages on your website and then find what off-sites links you have to all of those pages, this can be really useful to track progress and to see which pages have the most attention from the search engines, its also handy for pinging all of your webpages. The Link Checker is how it sounds, it can check a list of webpages for a link(s), it is functional yet not massively exciting, it would be nice to have the input portion of this tool be a bit more streamlined but this is nothing to say about how the tool actually works, it is very quick (multi-threaded) and seemed to be accurate for the lists I checked against.

The Whois Submitter is?a tool for submitting your website to a list of over 1500 websites that track whois information and website statistics, in turn a lot of these webpages will have a link back to your website. This tactic is great for an initial bit of search engine indexing and can generate a small increase in rankings but the best bit about it is it takes very little effort, needing just a domain and a mouse click. Whois submissions can be great for rounding out a link profile and providing a bit of a steady long term boost.

Pinging is great to notify search engines and other websites that you have new content and links, this will attract the search engines and ensure that your linking efforts are maximised. Again this tool is very easy to use and can be called from most tools to ping pretty much any link you want in as short a time as possible, this tool is also multi-threaded and come with over 30 ping services built in.

The Proxy Harvester is great if you intend on posting lots of links. Again a couple of mouse clicks will start the harvesting process and the checking process. When I tested this I received 1800 proxies in about 1minute and then had all of these checked within 3 minutes resulting in about 350 working anonymous proxies with a latency of less than 1500ms, that is very impressive indeed. So far these automated tools are simple enough for a beginner but with lots of power behind them.

The Report Creator whips up all of your SEO efforts from all the tools and dumps them to a .csv spreadsheet file with, again, literally a couple of mouse clicks.

Social Bookmarker

There are too many bookmarkers out on the market right now it is hard to distinguish one from another. Total SEOlution’s particular tool is surprisingly not as simple to use as all the other tools in the suite but is just as effective as the others. For ease of reference I am going to point out some highlights of this tool in a list:

  • Uses Text Permutation (using curly brackets, { }, and separators, |, to create multiple outputs from a single bit of text)
  • Can add a list of pages and have tool pull title, description and keywords from meta tags
  • Can link bookmarks created to a profile
  • Can bookmark any URL from other tools in the suite
  • Ping any bookmarks created
  • Full account creation and handling
  • Account creation assist through random users, passes and names

The above is a pretty good rundown of the major features of Total SEOlution and it is all true, the bookmarker is just as powerful as the other tools, however due to its larger nature than the other tools there are a lot of controls that can get pretty confusing at times. It is a shame that it is like this but hopefully it will get addressed in the future as it is a pretty minor downside to a very powerful bookmarker.

A selection of some of the sites that you can create accounts for and post to is below along with their respective PR:

  • SlashDot – PR8
  • Folkd – PR6
  • Kwoff – PR6
  • LinkaGoGo – PR6
  • Plum – PR6
  • MyLinkVault – PR5
  • Spotback – PR5
  • Gozoof – PR5
  • Scoopit – PR5
  • Buzzster – PR5
  • IKeepBookmarks – PR5
  • Ziki – PR5
  • Oyax – PR5
  • Favoriten – PR5

The list above is just a selection of the sites available and since launch it has been expanded and updated three times so far this month. This pace of updates will ensure all sites listed are working for as long as possible, unlike some others that release and then forget about their customer base.

RSS Feed Submission

Unlike other tools on the market Total SEOlution’s RSS Submitter does not promise to automatically submit to over 100 websites of which hardly any are even online any more, it instead has a semi-automated system whereby the user enters in captchas and categories where necessary. The benefit to this approach is that you do not find yourself wasting time submitting to websites that are not online or submitting to an incorrect category. There are currently 30 sites included which will actually result in extra traffic and some good quality backlinks. The whole submission process is very slick and smooth.

Blog Commenter

As some of my blog visitors will know I did a review of a free blog commenter?that just went crazy among the SEO community, it became very successful receiving nearly 23,000 downloads and many more pirated copies downloaded (why you would pirate a free download I don’t know but some people thought it necessary). The blog commenter in Total SEOlution is based on the aforementioned blog commenter but with some noticable differences.

In this tool you have the ability to track and ping posted comments, save and load from a variety of formats and to the database as well as linking up your work to a profile for reporting later on. The free blog commenter was, and still is,?one of the premiere blog commenting tools due to its focus on dofollow type blog pages and speed of use. Total SEOlution’s blog commenter is a much improved version with its basis still in finding high PR dofollow blogs to comment on, this is exactly what you want for blog commenting.

Sitemap Generator

Sitemaps are a necessary job in this day and age of Search Engine Optimisation such that you would have to be a fool not to upload your sites sitemap. Google, Bing and Yahoo all use these sitemaps to ensure they have a full listing of the content on your website so the time taken to create this sitemap is time well spent.

Sitemap Generators I have used in the past all seem to fall into one category, good for a few pages but get past 100 pages and you will have issues. Most tools I have used will save the pages to an .xml file which is great as it means you dont have any setup to worry about, however due to its nature with XML files you have to have the whole things stored in memory or on the hard drive. Excessive memory use will slow your computer and bring in stability issues, saving to hard drive creates a very slow index process above a thousand pages or so.

Once big thing with the Sitemap Generator in Total SEOlution is that it doesn’t rely on these slow methods of storing and as such the speed of the indexer is as quick as your connection will allow, of course multi-threading plays a big part here as well, for however many pages you may have on your website. I tested this aspect and it does indeed slow down very little with thousands upon thousands of pages into an index process.

Text Rewriter

When Total SEOlution first released about a month ago I was a little disapoointed by the simplicity, unlike the rest of Total SEOlution the Text Rewriter was simple yet simple where the other tools were simple to use (with the exception of the bookmarker) yet powerful under the hood. The Text Rewriter was originally simply a text input box to test out your permutations for use in other aspects of the tools.

Then out of nowhere it was updated and all of a sudden we had a synonym finder. How to use it is predicatbly simple, highlight a word, click the “get synonyms” button and you are greeted with a list of similar words that you can insert directly into the input text. Its hard to explain without showing how quick and easy this process is, and I do intend on showing you guys through a video at a later date.

Directory Submission

The Directory Submitter was my favourite out of the bunch and the one I really feel is a corner-stone of the Total SEOlution suit. The list of directories in Total SEOlution is just huge at 4400 directories and the whole process is so quick and easy to use. For each directory you will need to fill in a category but it actually learns from which categories you choose and starts to predict, with surprising accuracy, your preferred category. I found after about 50 submissions, less than 10minutes work, I was simply clicking the OK button and occasionally filling in a captcha.

With competitors charging upwards of $15 per website to run through software the Total SEOlution is really going to pay for itself. There are no limits on how many websites you can run through? the submitter which is always a good thing.


If you are still reading I can only imagine you have a world class attention span. I will be filming some screen cams to show how quickly you can perform certain tasks in Total SEOlution and how rediculously easy to use most of these tools are to use.

Overall I was very impressed with this tool suite especially considering it is such a new tool. Normally it can take months of user input to get a tool to this point and I can only imagine where this tool will be in a year or two of refinement.

I would love to gush about how brilliant this tool is, and Im sure I have done throughout this review, but it is not all sweetness and delight. This past week there have been a couple of login issues due to a server move, I am told that this was temporary and we do seem to be out of the rough so far and hopefully that is behind us now.

All in all this tool could become the next big thing in the professional White Hat SEO space and I actually have a feeling it will if the updates keep coming and all of the tools are kept upto date. It would be nice to have an Article Submitter or Press Release Submitter and a couple of more features on some of the tools but these are things that will hopefully be addressed in the near future.

Total SEOlution is available now with a free months trial, click here to try it now.

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