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November 30, 2008

WordPress AutoBlog by Elliot Back

Ok so its been a while but Im kicking off the new reviews with a personal favourite of mine so I will try to be as clear aboout what this tool does and does not do without getting too excitable. Ok for starters what this tool is is a plugin for WordPress?that takes a bunch of RSS feeds and pulls articles, adds to your blog and then sends a trackback to the original blog(extended functionality not available in the original plugin, more on this later).

Now if you are unfamiliar with a trackback it is essentially what some forums and blogs use to announce that they have linked to their site, some of these forums and blogs will in turn publish a link back to your site automatically. Trackbacks have been turned off on a lot more sites recently so this side of the plugin has decreased in effectiveness in the recent year or so, nevertheless it still works to some degree and will result in hundreds of links in most circumstances.

Download WP autoblog

So we know what the tool does lets get into how the plugin is used. As with all WP plugins you will first need to upload to the plugins directory of your WP blog and then login to activate it in your admin section, sounds easy right? Well thats because it is. Once activated you will need to enter in you’re RSS feeds into the text area in the plugin admin section of your WP admin. When setting up this plugin you will want to add A LOT of RSS feeds, this will work with as few as 20 feeds but you should really be looking at 100 at least, maybe even 1000 if you can get that many unique feeds.

Once you have input your feeds simple click the “Run WP-autoblog” plugin button and then walk away from your computer and get yourself a bevvy, you’ve earned it. Now I know what you are thinking, “Is that it?”. Well yes and no, for starters it is never good having a site up with no monetisation so you will either want to be setting up these blogs with the intent of procurring a bunch of links without any effort so that you can redirect, at some point in the future, to send those links to a money site of yours. Alternatively you can add some adsense on there or some related affiliate ads.

I would advise against having these sites up for too long as you run the risk of getting the site delisted from the major SEs and they lose their value, it is better to have them running for a few weeks to a couple of months max and then redirect. One major drawback with these blogs is that they are incredibly server intensive so you will ideally want a VPS or small dedicated server. I recently tried having 1 blog running on some unlimit hostgator hosting and with 40 RSS feeds they will literally block any visitors because the plugin is working overtime.

The plugin described in this post is based off the Elliot Back plugin with some extra functionality.

September 10, 2008

Rank4 – ***Exclusive Preview***

Ok so hands up who has heard of Rank4???? Nobody?? Well that is because this is an exclusive review intended to bring news of?the new Rank4 system to the public. Lets start with what this system is and what it does…

?What is Rank4? It is similar to SQUIRT in that it is a web application that takes care of your indexing and ranking for your sites. With the easy process of filling in 4 or so fields in a form you can have your site added to directories, social bookmarking sites, pinged to lots of blog lists, added to rolling link lists, mentioned on many blogs and other techniques that are not to be disclosed (trust me when I say I asked…. a lot).

How much will the tool cost? Currently the cost is not set in stone but is likely to be released around the $70 a month mark. This will market it below the cost of SEnuke and SQUIRT but still more so than Bookmarking demon. If it is worth this will have to wait until later on. I must stress this is still very early in development really and as such lots can change including its core featureset and the cost. We are in the midst of a conversation about a $10 a month discount for readers of SEO software reviews, so stay tuned for a unique discount right here.

How many places will it publish my link to? Well quite a few actually, the system has the capability to submit to lots of major high PR bookmarking sites like propeller, jumptags, stumbleupon etc etc over 20 major sites and counting. As far as smaller sites go there are currently at least 50 social bookmarking sites which will have increased to more like 200 by launch (still to be announced). Directory wise there are currently about 20 directories with a mix of PR and backlinks but this will be increased to over 100 by launch and over 250 by the years end.

Thats cool what else does it do? Well as I said above it will ping your site to one of the biggest ping lists collected and tested to be working, like SQUIRT it will crawl your site and repost deep pages of your site so you can be assured not only the homepage is receiving link love.

So with all that out the way what are our first impressions of this tool and what it offers? Well at first you may be fooled into thinking that the basic template and stupidly simple form may mean that the tool itself is simplistic and basic in its uses, but look deeper and you will find lots of things under the surface that you have overlooked.

Unlike SQUIRT and some other tools there is support for randomisation in the titles, description and tags which means when you publish your site you can gain lots of seemingly random anchor texts, to disguise your actions from the search engines, and descriptions for unique yet contextual page content. This in itself puts it a step above the other tools.

Just how good is the social bookmarking submitter, well the system so far has the capability to use a private proxy owned and run by the Rank4 guys and an inifite amount of accounts so that submissions are spread thinly across lots of accounts to reduce the risk of banning. All accounts are handled by the Rank4 team and as such there is no time wasted on setting up.

The directory submission system is built directly into the submission form and requires no extra time to be submitted, it uses the same randomisation in the titles and descriptions, all directories are owned and run by Rank4 so you needn’t worry about confirmation emails or the risk of getting denied, all sites are welcome (if they are legal). Unlike the SQUIRT directories these directories actually have PageRank, backlinks and history.

The ping and crawl system is much like the one found in SQUIRT only it publishes to a greater number of services even at this early stage in development, it crawls X amount of pages and pings them then goes deeper and pings even more pages. There isnt much more to be said about that part of the system really, its a simple yet highly effective method of getting you’re site out there and receiving visitors right off the bat.

As part of the submission your links will be published to blogs and rolling link lists on many different niche sites that again are owned and operated by the Rank4 team as well as having history, page rank and backlinks. This is something that no other system really offers and is really great for raising your link profile.

I have been informed that initially the system will be offered up for review by a group of some of the more influential bloggers out there and then a short term discounted offer for some public beta testers before it is released to the public. If this tool is released at the published price of $60 a month ($70 -$10 using our discount coupon) it will be well worth the money especially with the included scripts for tasks such as cookie stuffing, website translation by page, databases and the unreleased Blog Food (***EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW COMING VERY SOON***) system.

I am just sad that my testing time was as short as it was but I can assure you this thing works, I submitted a site and when I got home 3hours later my site was already ranking quite well, this on a previously unindexed site. I will keep you updated on this service when the closed beta test has commenced (of which I am a member).

P.S if anyone is interested in becoming a closed beta tester (free) leave a comment here with your email and credentials and I will pass them on.

Social Bookmarking Software – blog plugins

Welcome back to another follow up on the social bookmarking software review, this time we will take a look at a couple of wordpress plugins for social bookmarking and see how they stack up against each other.

Auto Social Poster?- $197

Ok for a start I gotta say OUCH!!! $197 is a big pill to swallow for a wordpress plugin, I realise there was a lot of work going into this plugin but from all accounts it may not be as useful as it would seem at a glance. Yeah sure it bookmarks to a whole bunch of high PR quality domains but it will not even semi-automate account creation, it must be done manually and then entered into the software, not much fun I gotta tell ya.

Also as this tool is a plugin for wordpress it is highly limited in its uses, it can only be used on WP blogs. There doesnt appear to be any account randomisation so all bookmarks get published to the same account which means your account will get banned pretty quickly on all bookmarking sites, this is not good.

Ok well I dont really wanna delve too much deeper into this software as you would be much better off buying something like bookmarking demon, setting up countless accounts across loads of bookmarking sites and getting indefinite amounts of backlink love without having to pay through the nose for a very limited piece of software. Now if they lowered the price to be around $50 maybe it would be worth the hassle.

Socialize it Pro – ??

?Sorry guys but this one is a little too elusive even for me. I searched and couldnt even find their homepage let alone an affiliate link. I could find a cracked version but I detest these so didnt wanna put my system at risk. From what I hear it is very similar to Auto Social Poster?in that it is a blog plugin that has no account creation module to it. I dont like the sound of it already so Im going to just through out my objectibility and stop ranting now.

If you want some serious links either get a standalone windows bookmarking software?or use one of the web based social bookmarking applications that will be reviewed in my next post. SQUIRT and Rank4 may be some of the best web promotion tools out there for straight promoting websites.

August 21, 2008

PR Storm review

Ok so we are going to be starting our SEO software reviews?off with a little classic windows application that has stirred up a whole bunch of controversy over its years since release. Some say that the tool is old hat and is just asking for trouble (will extend on this later on) whereas others claim that it not only is still relevant but if used ‘correctly’ can be a very useful traffic and backlink generator.

Now PR Storm is whats called a referral spamming program, what it basically does is spoof a bunch of traffic to a set list of websites in the hope that?3 things will be achieved:

  1. Backlinks will be generated in the, hopefully, indexed visitor logs
  2. Backlinks will be placed on websites where the webmaster sees the referrals and places a link on their website
  3. Generate traffic from webmasters visiting and using your website

Now I will start by addressing whether the program is able to fulfil any of the main aims above and whether it is an effective marketing process even worth attempting.

The list of sites that you feed the program via the simple URL list txt file will hopefully index their visitor stats, possibly to prove viewership to potential advertisers, and if they do when you send X amount of spoofed referrals from your website you will llikely appear with a link back to your site. This is good for gaining backlinks, sometimes these can be on high PR sites if you are lucky. You will never really know exactly how many referrals to the site but a sufficient level shouldnt be too hard to find. This can actually be very beneficial to a marketing campaign.

Point (2) is actually a little less likely to happen, some suggest that PR Storm will generate these fake referrals, webmasters will see them and visit your site. If a webmaster is to look at your site they will most likely not find their referral and indeed not link back to you. Its not an impossibility but should not be your main focus while using this tool in my opinion, only if you actually do have a link to their site presently on your site.

Webmasters will probably look at your site but dont expect to convert them into sales, leads or ad clicks as they will tend to be more savvy than the average visitor.

Now onto a bit of the controversy surrounding the PR Storm program. Basically as the program will spam site with any number of hits that you specify and can mean spamming literally thousands and thousands of sites ending in millions of hits at rapid rate. This is possibly an illegal act and should not be taken lightly, that is not to say it can be done without pissing anyone off too much. If you do intend on using PRStorm do try to hit a huge (1k+) site list at any time and with as fewer referrals as possible to minise the risk of getting the attention of your ISP and angry webmasters.

PRStorm was taken off the market a good few years ago but it is readily available on lots of websites so it is unlikely to ever be too hard to find from somewhere. The only issue I had with using PR Storm for was really getting a good list of sites to hit, there are lots of lists to download around the net and that is all good and well but generally the sites on these lists will have likely been hit hard so the gains from these sites will be slightly diminished.

If you want to use this tool to its full extent you will be best off trying to find a smaller searching tool to generate custom lists as these will be best suited to your niche and therefore less likely to have been spammed and as such the links will be easier to gain and better links in the end.

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