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February 26, 2009

Niche Domination with PPC WebSpy?

Recently I was made aware of a firefox browser plugin called PPC Webspy and decided to take a look at it. At first it had a lot of promise, the sales video showed quite an amazing plugin that brought up competitors keywords they are bidding for on adwords as well as where they ranked for those keywords.

Now this is very useful information and on its own is worth its weight in gold for any advertiser looking to compete with a site on certain keywords, now you can bid exactly 1cent over the highest bidder and get loads of clicks without having to pay through the nose for them.

For publishers there is another side to the same tool in that this plugin will allow you to scope out a niche and find out what keywords are pulling in the most clicks and at exactly the price they are paying for those clicks. Having this capability is great as you can now tailor your content to the highest paying keywords which will bring in sub-niche specific search traffic but higher paying ads overall as well so it is a double benefit.

When testing this tool I found it to be on the whole well constructed and didn’t notice any un-expected behaviour when using all of its functionality. I simply cannot understand where this software finds the information, it is really quite unbelievable how it manages to provide all of this data and at a really quick speed.

?All in all this is a very valuable tool for anyone that pays for clicks through the adwords (or similar) network or alternatively makes their money by showing adsense (or similar) network ads on their websites. If you want to double your PPC efficiency you will want to try out this tool.

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