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August 21, 2008

Blog Comment Demon Review

Well after spending a late one writing my PR Storm Review?last night I thought I would post about a great little program by Edwinsoft?called Blog Comment Demon. What this windows application does is search, based on your keywords, for blogs of varying platforms and return a huge list along with PR, platform and the keyword used to find that blog.

I have used Edwinsoft’s programs a lot in the past and am very familiar with them, I have bought both his major tools and found them to be very reliable (apart from the authentication) and stable in their use, even after 5+days of constant use. What separates Blog Comment Demon from other blog commenters is that this one is totally white hat, is very easy to use and provides lots of feedback on the huge amount of search results.

Ok so right from the start, once you have Blog Comment Demon installed and you have entered in your login info you get a very easy to use screen with a search box, lots of tick boxes for the different blog platforms and a search results box. There is proxy support but it is just for the use with a single proxy so its use is only good if you have a permanent ban from the search engines. The search is based off of google results and as such will provide you with lots of relevant results but at the same time if you are using very general terms, or those that return an ungodly amount of results, you will need to visit google now and again to enter in the captcha.

Aside from the lack of real proxy support the program is actually pretty quick to return your results and will give plenty (5k+ on average for medium tail keywords) of blogs to leave your comments on. Unlike some other softwares it will not import your details to form fields. The lack of form input, though quite major, needn’t make this software harder to use than other similar products as you could easily install a free browser plugin such as roboform to do this for you.

Every blog that is found to be relevant to your keywords will be scanned for PR and displayed in your results box along with the keyword that returned a particular blog and the platform of the blog. You can choose to search for lots of different blog platforms such as:

  • WordPress
  • TextPattern
  • Drupal
  • Typepad
  • Nucleus
  • b2 evolution
  • ExpressionEngine
  • Blogspot
  • BlogDrive

This is a good coverage and means you will be targetting all the major blog platforms in use today. Once you have your results you can visit each blog by double clicking each one, one by one, and that will take you to your default web browser with that blog loaded up, you can open up a bunch all in a row and they will be loaded into their own tabs which can help in loading a lot in the background to save on time.

With all that said I have to say that Blog Comment Demon is great for gaining a huge list of blogs to target in your comment backlink campaigns as the amount of blogs it returns is just incredible. If you are looking for a black hat auto all in one spamming solution you will need to invest in some other tool to leave comments on these blogs or just do it the good old White Hat method of leaving comments one by one. The price of Blog Comment Demon is currently set at $47 down from $97 which for what it accomplishes should be considered a steal.

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